Pharmactive is already in collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies for local, regional and global production thanks to its high service standards, solution oriented approach and its production site enabling closed system manufacturing with cutting edge technology equipment and designed according to the cGMP. In line with the localization politics, Pharmactive has been the production base for multinational companies.

With its flexible and high manufacturing capacity, Pharmactive strives to offer a timely, proper and best-quality product service to contract customers, as well as offer marketing and selling services to other pharmaceutical companies as needed.

Pharmactive is planning to implement its dynamic growth strategy in international markets as well by taking the advantage of its experienced and competent R&D, licensing and business development teams. Pharmactive establishes strategic collaborations globally within the principles of mutual trust and ethics by acting on win-win principle

In summary, Pharmactive gives services in the following areas:

License agreements for original or generic products

Launching the products included in its portfolio in international markets under licensed-production, sales and marketing agreements

Contract manufacturing projects to be implemented in national and international markets to local and foreign companies

Joint product development projects are to be implemented in national and international markets to local and foreign companies.

Co-marketing project agreements