Pharmactive which is a 100% local pharmaceutical manufacturing base in Turkey continues to support cultural and art activities. One of the greatest art events of the year 2015, the "The Magic of Hands" exhibition was curated by İbrahim Karaoğlu and presented to the art lovers from Ankara, Antalya and İstanbul. There are also famous Turkish artists who had their names written in golden letters in Turkish art like Abidin Dino, Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu and İbrahim Balaban as well as the works of legendary artists who shape the art of the world such as Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Salvador Dali, Eugène Delacroix, Le Corbusier, Man Ray, Joseph Beuys, Georg Baselitz in this collection of famous German plastic surgeon, Prof. Dr. Hans Zilch, who began to accumulate the original works of the famous artists, while teaching at Berlin University for the first time. The hands made a strong impression in the exhibition which consisted of approximately 160 works and 15 sculptures.