As a part of its core values, Pharmactive conducts social reponsibility projects together with other Saya Group companies in order to contribute to Turkey's future and social benefit of people .

Education institutions, health institutions and houses of worship are sponsored, 2500 successful students are awarded scholarships, and aid is given in times of national and international disasters and emergencies so as to contribute to the development of our country in terms of education, health, culture, and social progress.


Pharmactive sees the society as the major shareholder and acts considering the social benefit.

Pharmactive is couraging its employess to implement strategic thinking, to be authentic and to create difference while operating. Therefore, while preparing its Five-Year Strategic Plan, Pharmactive is takes the following points into consideration:

• Maintaing its belief and support in the EFQM Model and National Quality Movement (NQM) through Total Quality Management.

• To be environmental friendly in all business processes.

• In today's world where resources are depleted rapidly, protection of natural resources is critical. Therefore, while evaluating projects, Pharmactive gives utmost importance for the environmental outcomes and chooses projects with positive outcome for the environment.

• Reducing electricity consumption and waste ratio per production are major business objectives,

• Pharmactive monitors its Corporate Social Responsibility projects as a business objective and allocates internal resources for these projects.


Pharmactive has adopted the following sustainability strategies;

• Supporting the efforts towards enhancing economic growth and welfare levels by protecting and improving the environment and people's quality of life,

• Adopting sustainability awareness as a corporate culture,

• Enabling employees to contribute in the process effectively,

• Sharing sustainability awareness with the industry stakeholders and helping to make it widespread,

• Determining the sustainability indicators and monitoring, evaluating, improving and constantly developing accordingly.