Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We embarked on our journey in the 1950s. The journey, led by Abdulkerim Sancak, extends towards our aim of becoming a global player. On this journey, we've arrived in today's competitive environment and we are confident that holding on to your values is the key for long-lasting business. In line with this, we've included these values in the very first brick that we laid on the foundation of Pharmactive Production Facilities. This brick symbolizes honesty and utilitarianism. It bears an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

We examine ourselves according to the benefits we have created. It's our ultimate criteria for success. This is because we owe this to our country and our society. Accordingly, we attach great importance to R&D, export activities and social responsibility projects. That's why we wrote at the entry of the Pharmactive's world-class factory with the giant letters: "Happy is the one who offers a cure". This phrase sums up our perspective on life and our business.

Our pride for the success of Pharmactive, established with one hundred percent domestic capital, belongs to everyone whose heart beats for this country.

We are proud of our PharmRD facility located in our colossal production plant capable of producing 330 million boxes per year in the highly strategic pharmaceutical industry.

We received the EU GMP certificate from the most respected authority of Europe, proving that our production complies with the European standards and this is another source of pride for us.

Thanks to our investments in biotechnology, we are one of the few countries that can produce biotechnological medicines at international standards.

We aim to become a strong player in the global markets and add value to Turkey by becoming a leader in the export market of our country.

I invite all of you to witness our new achievements and to cherish this proud spirit together.

Best regards,

Haluk Sancak

Chairman of the Board