Aiming to become a leader in international market export sales among local pharmaceutical companies in Turkey by 2022, Pharmactive continues to develop its business both with its own representative offices as well as with partnerships in various countries in order to achieve this.

In 2017, Pharmactive introduced its products to 32 different markets including Russia, the Middle East, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Africa, the Balkan States and the Far East, thanks to its international partners and representative offices.

Pharmactive products manufactured in EU GMP-certified Pharmactive Pharmaceutical Production Facilities were licensed by the authorities from Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Malta, Portugal, the UK, Hungary and France, and were marketed to these markets within the last quarter of 2017.

Pharmactive, with significant investments made in biotechnology field, offers regional leadership to its potential partners with its vast product portfolio, competent regulatory and marketing affairs, sales and marketing training support and strong financial structure, as well as its customer-oriented approach.